QM Systems Manufacturing

PVC Assembly Line Shipment

Another one of our bespoke automated systems has left the QM Systems factory to go to it’s new home!

The PVC assembly line for our client, a world renowned plumbing company has been shipped off and is heading towards it’s permanent residence. Where the in-tandem operation of two Yaskawa Motoman robots; the GP8 and GP50 will conduct the process of automating the insertion of nuts to 6 variants of PVC piping. The components are supplied to the robots via ALPHAMATION LIMITED bowl feeders, and scanned pre-assembly using a KEYENCE CORPORATION vision system. The whole cell is controlled by a Siemens PLC & HMI.

QM Systems have taken pride in our ability to provide system integration services to our clients for over 35 years. We aim to build a positive rapport from the very first meeting with a client, outlining their specific requirements, and pinpointing which potential technologies would be most beneficial to be integrated to our bespoke infrastructures

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