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QM Systems Q-MAC Range

As a bespoke automation provider, most of our projects are one off designs. However, the QM Systems Multi-Motion Assembly Carousel (Q-MAC) breaks away from that. It is supplied to customers as a flexible product range. The Q-MAC range allows the safe and efficient production of assemblies, weighing up to 400kg. We can customise fixtures, tooling, line speeds and integrate MES software to give you perfect production capabilities. We currently have Q-MACs in the Automotive and Marine markets, producing seating, engines and gearboxes, using up to 30 stations at 27m in length.

The Q-MAC 1 uses a heavy-duty rail, with each station utilising bearing carriages to carry components. The station is manually pushed along when production tasks are complete. The rail can be mounted at working height, or at floor level. Both using either a fixture or our G1 Gimbalator to hold your products.

With Automatic station engagement, The Q-MAC 2 features a drive mechanism which dictates all stations to move in sync. This is perfect for assemblies where all line processes take the same amount of time, or when throughput is not critical. It is also suited to processes which have a constantly moving production line. All line speeds, stops and indexes can be controlled via software. Giving you the perfect solution.

Whilst the Q-MAC 3 is also automatic, what sets it apart from the rest of the Q-MAC range is the ability to index stations independently. This gives you the ability to move your product between each individual station whenever you choose, meaning you are no longer limited by the slowest process on your line. Using this, you can implement line balancing and buffer stations, whilst keeping full control of the production process.

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